Project settings

For Overshoot.tv projects, configure kdenlive with the following project settings:

Profile HD 1080i 25fps.
Size: 1920*1080.
Frame rate: 25/1.
Display aspect ratio: 16/9.


The rendering window is very confusing and offers too many options that are not easily understood by a beginner. For the best results, use the following render settings:

- Destination (pull-down menu at the top): Lossless / HQ
- Format: MPEG-4 I-Frame only (video) + MP3 (sound).
- Scanning: Force Progressive.

For a quick preview, you can select instead:
- Destination: File rendering.
- Format: MPEG-4.
- 18000k 2 pass gives a good quality. Select something less (1 pass) to have a lower quality preview.

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