Image Magick

In Blender video productions, imagemagick will mostly be used to generate text-based image masks to use as texture images. Fortunately, imagemagick text functions are very advanced:

To check the list of fonts available on your system, do:

identify -list font

identify uses the configuration file type.xml (situated at /usr/lib/ImageMagick-6.6.2/config/type.xml on my current system) as a source for the list of available fonts. If needed, the script imagick_type_gen can regenerate those configuration files.

Python bindings

Since Blender use python 3, it may sometimes be useful to be able to use imagemagick from within a python script.

It can be done this way:

import subprocess
import shlex

    'fgColor':'light slate grey',

       xc:{bgColor!r} -resize {geometry} -gravity "Center" -font {font}
       -pointsize {size!r} -fill {fgColor!r} -stroke {fgOutlineColor!r}
       -draw "text 0,0 {text!r}" -trim {output!r}'''.format(**args)


You may find the list of actual python bindings here: