Script (Version 1)
a poorly done draft video

Smoking is Cool!


The video that you are about to see is a work in progress.
It is an open source video being developed "video-wiki-style".
Version: 1.
Release date: TBD.
Language: English.
Please check to see if there are newer, better versions of this video.

This version represents a rough draft that will be developed and improved in subsequent versions.

It is simultaneously released in several languages: English, French, Chinese... We are looking for volunteers to help us translate the video into more languages.

The main goals of the current version are both to introduce the project and to serve as a proof of concept.

However, the script, the visual presentation and the animation are only a very rough draft that will be improved in later versions.

For parents, educators and teachers

Parents! Educators! Teachers!

We all care about the youths in our care. And for many of us, we dread the fact that they may pick up smoking during their teenage years.

Maybe you have some experience in explaining things in ways that a teenager might understand. Maybe you have had some successes in dissuading younger people from picking up that nasty habit.

We need you input in order to make this video one of the most effective tools to help the teenagers' will not to start smoking.

Smoking is cool!

Fact 1:
☢ Tobacco is radioactive ☢
Fact 2:
Smoking is highly addictive
- many "older" people (20s, 30s, etc...) try very hard to kick up the habit .... and mostly fail.
- smoking is expensive.
Fact 3:
Quitting smoking is very hard
Fact 4:
The easiest way to quit, is not to start at all
Fact 5:
Most smokers started smoking at a young age because of peer pressure

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