Overshoot, the documentary: synopsis

Part 1: exponential growth.

1.1 * mathematical explanation of what exponential growth means.
1.2 * natural example of exponential growth: yeast (give example of yeast growing in petri dish. The example will be completed in part 2), wine fermentation, etc.
1.3 * biological example of exponential growth: cellular division starting with the fecundation of the ovum (one cell), to a fully grown human being with 10,000,000,000,000,000 cells.
(transition from one human body, to many of them:)
1.4 * growth of the world population from BC, to 2000 AD.
1.5 * growth of population made possible by growth in economy (because people are healthier, are better fed, live longer, etc), starting with Industrial Revolution. growth of monetary (monetary what? what's the term for the amount of money in the country/world?)
1.6 * Give example of a saving account, making x% interest a year. The saving account will grow exponentially. This example will be studied at different stages of the documentary, each time providing a different aspect.
1.7 * growth in economy made possible by exponential growth of oil exploitation. But oil is a finite resource... transition to carrying capacity.

Part 2: carrying capacity.

2.1 * oil is a finite resource. from the very start, we have been overshooting the carrying capacity, i.e. the Earth's ability to produce more oil. (and some argue that oil is a renewable resource, not made of decayed dinosaurs, but even then the rate of renewal is much smaller than our consumption).

2.2 * Nobody is afraid of yeast growing exponentially in the petri dish (see part 1), because we know that the yeast is bound by the physical boundary of the plastic of the petri dish. The petri dish has its own yeast carrying capacity.

2.3 * Give example of saving account. A person can only withdraw the amount of interest earned within a time period (i.e. no more) if he wants the saving account to remain at the same level.

2.4 * Earth is a finite resource. Our food production ability is limited.

Part 3: overshoot and possible collapse.

3.1 * Give biological examples of overshoot and collapse (which animal species goes through a cycle of overshooting its food resources, collapses nearly to extinction, only to start again on an exponential growth?)

3.2 * Oil depletion: collapse of the economy.

3.3 * collapse of oil-dependent food production.

3.4 * collapse of world population.

Part 4: solution and action.

4.1 * control population growth: evidence shows that good health care, and women empowerment reduces fertility rates (e.g. western women have fewer children because they want fewer, than women in developing countries).