ffmpeg: cut segment + extract frame from video ?

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I want to use only small segments off .flv videos I downloaded.

I found how to cut a video clip using kdenlive. But using the command line would be easier (it's a simple operation I'll have to repeat many times).
I want to find out how to use ffmpeg to cut out a portion of a video by providing, say, the begin and end timestamps.

Also, how to I extract a single frame of a video to have a picture I can then edit with gimp? A screenshot of the video playing would not be ideal because I may need an exact frame, the dimensions and color tints should be exactly the same as in the original (we also want to avoid as much gimping as possible).
I am not sure it is possible with ffmpeg.



Always RTFM before asking questions!

2.3 How do I encode movie to single pictures?
this outputs the whole movie into individual pictures!