Automatically reload dozens of texture image in Blender

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I explained the plan elsewhere:

The effect I am after can be very easily achieved with a Text object. Then I can animate the text object the way I want.

However, I have two problems:
1- the video I want to do will probably be translated into several languages, so I don't want the actual text to be hardcoded into the .blend file, for ease of translations.
2- blender has very poor (i.e. unexistant) UTF8 support. One of the target language is Chinese, and it's theoretically possible but practically impossible to have a Chinese Text object.

Thus, I was thinking of creating my text images into Gimp. Then I can prepare a library of sub-folders, one for each language, using symlinks to fool blender to use the language currently targeted.

Having tried it out, it works well.
However, for the new .tga textures to take effect, I must go to blender and press reload. It's ok if we've only one file, but there'll be many, many dozens of them (potentially).

We'll need a way to automate the process.



Title:Reload texture image in Blender» Automatically reload dozens of texture image in Blender

Maybe with a python script.


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Maybe this will be fixed by rendering from the command line:
#1227: Learn to render from the command line


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I don't experience this problem while rendering from the command line, which I plan to do anyway.


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