Music for video remake.

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I am already starting to look for the musical soundtrack, to accompany the remake and translation of Are Human Smarter than Yeast?

The original music is very good, especially the first song that accompanies the definition of exponential growth (it sounds like the buzz of a swarm of insects). Questions: what is the source for this music? What license is it available under? If we can reuse it, then great :)

Meanwhile, I am looking for some alternatives...

By Kevin MacLeod, there is 'Impromptu in Blue'. The part after 0:25 is a bit faster and could be used for the doublings from 8 to 2 billion...



'Interloper' could be good to put under the narration. The end is getting more and more fast paced, there is a lot of suspense, as if something bad is about to happen... starting around 1'20.

Actually, the accelerating pace is a problem, because the doubling time is supposed to remain the same. So, maybe a fast but regular paced tune would be better, to give the tempo of the growth.


'The chamber' could be such a tune. There is a constant background music that is kept throughout the tune, even-paced like a ticking clock.
At some points, the ticking goes to a different, higher scale like at 1:06 and 1:18... but then it goes back to the original scale. We'd need it to move up and up, keeping the event pace... and all that without the clarinet, and basson in the foreground.

Maybe we can ask Kevin if he can do that for us :)


'Quiet panic' has those qualities, but running at 0:38, it is too short. The segment in the video, starting at 0:37 is almost 2 minutes long.


'Impending Boom' (2'36) is getting closer... but would be best without the horn which may drown the narration.


To answer the original question:
I only now figure out that the piece in the original video is the flight of the bumblebees by korsakov.