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I blogged here about Dan Chay's video 'Are Human Smarter than Yeast'

I've been in touch with Dan, who said he always had in mind to copyleft his video, so parts or the whole of it can be used in our productions.

Unfortunately, the material used to make the video got lost, so if we need to remix it, we'll have to rebuild the parts we want.

The most important need for the material would have been to redo the video in other languages (French, Chinese...). I think the video is very well done. It makes its point very clearly and convincingly. At least, it was convincing enough to tip me over to making this whole web site :) So, there is little or nothing to change in the video. The script is good. We only need to make a straight translation.
However, the video displays a lot of English text on top of the illustrations. This text needs to be replaced by text in the target language. That's where the original material would have been useful.

So, at the very least, the doubling illustration at the beginning of the video should be redone at some time. I am not sure about the copyright status of the still pictures used at the end of the video. We can find replacement images with a suitable license. For the rest, a straight translation of the on-screen text and narration would do.

Also, later we'll be able to re-use part of this material in other productions.

This issue is not a priority:
I still need to work on the web site to support (large) file uploads AND support several languages. See the web site issue queue: . Multi-language support will come after I am able to upgrade to D6. I am still hesitating on how to set it up.



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