Human Civilization is overshooting the carrying capacity of the planet Earth.

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Since 1987, Human Civilization has been overshooting the carrying capacity of the planet Earth. Since then, the overshoot level has been increasing. Soon enough, humanity will be facing the inevitable collapse that is the consequence of the reckless exponential growth of our population and our economy.

Worse still, most of the human race is still unaware of how serious the situation is, or unwilling to do anything about it.

This is the first bug report logged in this site.

To reproduce the bug:
1) take a finite planet, with finite resources some of which are renewed at a constant pace.
2) put a human-like species on this planet. Bestow them with the ability to create tools to use for their own self-serving purposes.
3) allow this species to promote and pursue the concept of exponential growth of all their basic activities (e.g. reproducing, feeding, producing food, traveling, producing goods, etc.).
4) watch them overshoot the carrying capacity of the planet they have been placed upon, as they deplete its resources in order to feed their exponential growth frenzy.

We'll be able to close it when:
1) we globally have adopted a fully and truly sustainable way of life.
2) our consumption of space and natural resources has fallen back to under the carrying capacity level.

We need patches urgently. Please promote this issue, review code, etc.