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Project wiki:Smoking is cool! (multi-language open animation project)

smoking = taking x-rays.

One x-ray may be banal and so may be the amount of radiation in one pack of cigarettes. However, we want to drive through the fact that 1 x-ray every day is not a good idea. Think of the dentist or the radiologist who are properly hiding when taking x-rays, because they are exposed daily.

Using the characters from #1230: Model 2D stickman character, create an animated section where we see a long file of people (patients) waiting for their turn to have an x-ray. The technician is exposed for each x-ray. When the x-ray is taken, we see the patient and the technician being turned into skeletons for the duration of the flash. Radioactive particles are building up in the technician's body (we have a very close up of his body and see glowing radioactive particles ☢).

Then the technician hides in a special booth and we see that he's no longer exposed.