Model 2D stickman character

Project:Smoking is cool!
Category:feature request
Project wiki:Smoking is cool! (multi-language open animation project)

Model simple 2D stickman character to use throughout the video.



Create one male and one female, made up of disjointed simple shapes (female: two triangles pointing towards each other).


The characters use the traditional red and blue for the female and male characters respectively.
Smokers have a darker hue than non-smokers.
E.g. the non-smoker female is light red/pinkish, but turns darker red/bordeaux as she picks up smoking.

Imagine a group of characters socializing. They are all smokers so we have a bunch of dark-red and dark-blue characters. A pinkish characters comes along: she wants to fit in. She is not the same colour. She accepts cigarettes in order to get accepted. As she picks up smoking, he colour changes.


Can we have a set of males and females, with slightly different shapes / clothes, so as to have different personalities?
This is more work and not necessary at first, but it would be cool to have later on...


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