How to create the title cards on the command line

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Currently, I am creating every single card using the Gimp, which is not very efficient, especially since each title card is created for each target language. I should have one object/material for each standard size text card and the texture image should be created on the fly for each piece of text, using a script to automatically input the text from files. Thus, I would only need to translate the content of each file.



man imagemagick


See the section "Character and String Drawing" in man gd.


But gd is in perl and Blender uses python. Is there the equivalent of gd in python?




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I will be using imagemagick!

Now, the question is: what format to use for the text files with the translations?

#1234: How to save translatable strings in a script


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I am using imagemagick within a bash script.


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Related pages:-1229: Image Magick

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