Translation tools

The following tools may be useful to translate your projects:


Translation file format, use gettext:
See also: (with troubleshooting section).

The translation files generated by gettext can be translated using poedit:

Translate Toolkit & Pootle: online translation tools:

Image Magick

In Blender video productions, imagemagick will mostly be used to generate text-based image masks to use as texture images. Fortunately, imagemagick text functions are very advanced:

To check the list of fonts available on your system, do:

identify -list font

video editing under Linux

The basic problem for Free Software, is that video compression in encumbered by many software patents, which has dramatically slowed down the development of FLOSS video software.

See the following article about the state of Video software for Linux:
Improved Ogg Theora coming soon to an Internet near you

While the above article promises good news, the following one is complaining about the poor state of video editing software for linux:



Project settings

For projects, configure kdenlive with the following project settings:

Profile HD 1080i 25fps.
Size: 1920*1080.
Frame rate: 25/1.
Display aspect ratio: 16/9.


The rendering window is very confusing and offers too many options that are not easily understood by a beginner. For the best results, use the following render settings:

- Destination (pull-down menu at the top): Lossless / HQ
- Format: MPEG-4 I-Frame only (video) + MP3 (sound).
- Scanning: Force Progressive.

Tools of the trade

This part of the wiki will elaborate on the tools, i.e. the software that we can use to create our videos.
We can provide tutorials so that anyone can replicate what we have already achieved in our previous videos.
Thus, combined with the original material, anybody can add and improve on the existing videos, as if the video itself were a wiki.

The project issue queue for this section is here:

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