Create grid to position text

Create grid to position text

How to share materials for all text objects?

How to share materials for all text objects?

For each piece of text, there is a BI material with two textures applied to it. The first in the B&W image with the actual (translated) text. The second is a procedural texture applied to the text.

Now, I would like to be able to create a simple texture and reuse it, applying it to all the objects with text. I thought I'd create a texture in a separate .blend file and then link to it. However, when I import (link to) the texture, the Influence settings (the RGB intensity colour) is not set as in the original.

Blender python script to see changes

I'd love to have a blender python script in order to see what has changed between two versions of a blend file (e.g. file.blend and file.blend1).

The output could be as terse or as detailed as wanted and would indicate the elements and the settings that have changed. For changes too complex to output (e.g. all the vertices that have been added or have been displaced due to modelling), it is enough to give a summary (e.g. the object's modelling has changed with x new vertices...).

Blender freestyle and transparent texture

The Blender freestyle rendering engine does not seem to be able to take into account the 'edges' created by a transparent texture.

Set up a plane and texture it with a picture so that the texture has an arbitrary outline surrounded by fully transparent areas (as described in the linked tutorial): freestyle will render the shape of the plane, not that of the shape of the texture.

Is this a known limitation?
Will freestyle one day take transparent texture into account?

World texture with orthographic camera

Using an image as texture for the 'world' in blender is easy. However, if switching from a perspective camera to an orthographic camera, the same settings do not show the texture. It appears that blender picks one picture from the image texture and uses the colour of that pixel to colour the world background.

Is this a (known?) bug or am I forgetting one setting?

Blender: World background image with orthographic camera

How to use an image as the world background in blender?

Learn to render from the command line

Learn how to render from the command line. Set up a script that will render the proper files in the proper order so that I can easily render a whole video in the target language.

10 tips to properly learn Blender

This blog post is only a public draft. I'll be completing it over time...

Blender is a very versatile tool that can be used for 2D and 3D animations, 2D still images, video editing, video special effects, etc. It can be used for very simple amateur projects as well as for high end professional looking animation projects.

Here is a collection of tips to allow you to properly learn Blender.