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Python script to change language

languages $ rm current; ln -s en current
=> do python script to change language.

Create grid to position text

Create grid to position text

How to share materials for all text objects?

How to share materials for all text objects?

For each piece of text, there is a BI material with two textures applied to it. The first in the B&W image with the actual (translated) text. The second is a procedural texture applied to the text.

Now, I would like to be able to create a simple texture and reuse it, applying it to all the objects with text. I thought I'd create a texture in a separate .blend file and then link to it. However, when I import (link to) the texture, the Influence settings (the RGB intensity colour) is not set as in the original.

Create material for text

Create material for text:
black, rough (pocked, uneven), specular...
(black with white reflects)

Gettext: How to dump string variables?

If I do:
bash --dump-po-strings > translations/overshoot_smoking.pot
it does not dump strings like:

text="`eval_gettext "Teenage smoking prevention video"`"

but it does if there is an echo statement before:

echo $"Teenage smoking prevention video"

So now, my script includes both, one for gettext to dump the proper string, and one for my actual use of the string:

echo $"Teenage smoking prevention video"
text="`eval_gettext \"Teenage smoking prevention video\"`"
echo $text;

How to save translatable strings in a script

Text-based textures will be create from the command line:
#1228: How to create the title cards on the command line

How to set the project up so that all strings are easily translatable?

How to create the title cards on the command line

Currently, I am creating every single card using the Gimp, which is not very efficient, especially since each title card is created for each target language. I should have one object/material for each standard size text card and the texture image should be created on the fly for each piece of text, using a script to automatically input the text from files. Thus, I would only need to translate the content of each file.

Learn to render from the command line

Learn how to render from the command line. Set up a script that will render the proper files in the proper order so that I can easily render a whole video in the target language.

Present the status of the video

Within the video itself, present the fact that the video is a work in progress, it's an open source video-wiki, and that help is welcome to improve it.

Create outline / script of video for version 1

Create outline / script of video

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