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Miscellaneous video productions.

Announcing Overshoot TV

About this video

This is the very first video project of Overshoot TV.

Its purpose is to announce the creation of the web site

Release History

Original material

One of the most important principle of the video wiki, is that the original, primary material needed to create great short documentaries should be available to everyone to give each of us the opportunity to remix and improve existing videos.

Also, importantly, the original material should be licensed in a way that is compatible with the licenses that th O TV videos uses. O TV videos are released under the licence Creative Commons, By-SA (Attribute, and Share Alike) 3.0.

Compatible licences are CC-BY-SA, CC-BY, Public Domain.


Video and Documentary Projects

This part of the wiki is to develop and document our main video projects. For a list of all ongoing projects, see also the main menu to the left ("Issues per project"). You will find there ongoing issues being worked upon, and a link to their wiki homepage.

External resources

This part of the wiki will link to other web site of interest, movies or books that are related to O TV.

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External resources on the topic of Food, part of the Overshoot and the Food Crisis project wiki.

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