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My preference is to do an introduction to overshoot. The Don Chay video focuses on exponential growth and just mentions overshoot and carrying capacity. The logical next step is to discuss the meaning and significance of these concepts. Following are some of the topics that might be discussed:

o Carrying capacity as a purely ecological concept - that is, as it applies to non-human species.
o The argument that carrying capacity does not apply to the human species.
o The counter-argument (ours) that it does apply, with appropriate modifications.
o The ecological footprint measure and its relevance for human carrying capacity and overshoot.
o Peak oil and its relevance for human carrying capacity and overshoot.
o The concepts of William Catton re. human carrying capacity and overshoot.
o A variation on Don's question: Are humans WISER than yeast?

Professionally I've been a software instructor for HP for many years, so my instinct in creating a video is to get a white board, point a camera at me and the board, and start talking while I draw graphs and such for illustration. That might work, although it's not the most professional approach. Another way is the interview method: my wife could interview me and I could address the above topics. A third way is for me to storyboard the video using PowerPoint. Then you and others could turn it into a video using the tools at your disposal. You undoubtedly have further ideas.

At first, I suggested making a 2~5 minute video, but yes, if you put the camera on a tripod and you talk in front of the white board, we can easily make a two hour video :) However, a shorter, more polished video might probably have a bigger impact.

Seriously, though, I do like the idea of you talking in front of the camera.

I wouldn't go through the whole list of topic you outlined. Remember: we are time-bound, and we have a lot of technical stuff to iron out. I'd go with only a small section of what you propose.

Dan (not Don) Chay took only one simple topic (what is exponential growth) and made a very popular video with it. I'd do the same: take only one narrow topic, select 2 or 3 points you'd like to make about it, and let's see how long it takes us to do something decent with it. We can always improve or add content during the next timebox.

The way I see it: the video is mostly you speaking to the camera. Sometimes, your voice is OVER/OFF (? what's the term?) while we show images illustrating your point.
We intersect the different parts of your speech with quotes printed on the screen.

What do you think?
If we try to keep it fairly short, what points would you make?




you never replied to my comments and questions above. According to your latest email, you'll be able to do the whole thing yourself, so you won't need my help to discuss the script. This way is also fine with me :)

Obviously, I am still willing to help, and I am also curious about what you will come up with, the content and the length, etc. But I can wait to see.

There are two additional points that I care about, though, both related to the "wiki" aspect of the documentary. Since they are not directly related to the script, I'll file separate issues about them, and link to them below.


Ok, I have just added three new issues.
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