hardware: video and audio equipment

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Video camera

There is no specific requirement at this moment.
Overshoot TV is still a young project and its videos are produced to begin with for the web only. So any cheap video camera (or camera with a video capture function) ought to be sufficient.

At a later stage, though, we shall aim for a much higher quality, so that, who knows, television channels and movie theaters can show our documentaries. At that stage, video footage of much higher quality, shot with professional or semi-professional video cameras, will be required. But we are not there yet!


Proper lighting can often improve the quality of a video, especially if you shoot indoors or you interview a person.


When recording speech, e.g. during a video interview, the audio is obviously much more important than the visual aspect of the recording.

Make sure you have an external microphone, possibly one that you can clip on the speaker's clothes.

Make some tests with the audio recording, checking on the result. Ideally, there should be little or no background noise (e.g. nearby traffic, other people speaking, etc.) so that the speech is clear and distinct, and so that it can be remixed without further loss of signal.