Editorial line

This web site is operating under the assumption backed by an increasing array of scientific evidence that humanity is overshooting the carrying capacity of our planet.

The site members are allowed to created their own video project that is more or less directly linked to this topic. However we take a very broad definition of what is acceptable, on-topic content for the site. Thus any activist topic concerning the environment, Human Rights, democracy, etc are allowed.

Though dialogue is strongly encouraged, differing opinions are expected to occur. In case of a dispute, members can simply create their own video project which would show their own point of view provided that:

  • The video still falls within the broad, generic topic of the web site. The site founder Augustin Masquilier will arbitrate any dispute.
  • The video is released under the same license as or a compatible license to the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.
  • The user is willing to share any file and building block used to edit the video, so that other users can build upon it.

While there can be many different video projects, the main video project at Overshoot TV is the creation of a feature-length documentary called "Overshoot". This documentary is directed by the site founder Augustin Masquilier and any dispute within the community about the making of this documentary shall be arbitrated by him.