[#18955] Process to add several materials to object confusing

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The process to add several materials to a single object is really confusing and not intuitive.

Suppose we have 3 materials (MA:Green, MA:Red, MA:Blue) and a cube without any material assigned to it yet. We want
all three materials to be assigned to this cube.

In this context, the following 2 button panels are relevant:
1) Shading / Materials button / Links and Pipelines.
2) Editing / Links and Materials.
And that's precisely the connection between the two that's confusing.

Say that in Links and Pipelines the cube is already assigned the MA:Green. We now go to the Links and Material window
to add a new material index. If we do so, a new material MA:Green.001 is created. We must go back to Links and Pipelines
to select the proper material (MA:Red).

The problems are:
a) Doing a simple operation (adding an existing material to an existing object, in a new index) requires some back and
forth between two different button windows.
b) When creating a new Material index for the current object, one would have expected to be able to select the material
straight away (maybe with a pulldown menu with existing materials to select).
c) Instead a new, unwanted material is created, cluttering further the interface.

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The discussion in this thread is definitely relevant:

jawra, post #8, just explained how it is supposed to be done.
Apparently we have to be in 'edit mode' to add an existing Material
to the current object. The new pulldown menu that appears there
is much more like what I expected to see.

However, the interface remains confusing and inconsistent. Why
while in Object mode we can add a new material index with a *new*
material but we cannot add a new material index with an *existing*
material, while in edit mode we can do both.

I suggest:
in either edit or object mode, a single pulldown menu to add
a material index both with an existing material or with a new
one, much like the pulldown menu in Shading / Materials button
/ Links and Pipelines.
In this case, the 'new' button in Links and Materials would not
be necessary at all.

I believe it would much more consistant this way.