Advanced animation: pictures and video clips.

Project:Profit and Social Justice
Component:Video project
Category:feature request
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For the 3rd video in the Profit and Social Justice series (#525: Blender animation of script), I am only using simple, beautifully textured text.
But for the 4th version of the video, I want to learn how to insert full pictures and video clips into my blender animation.

Here are some notes.



For the first slide animation, I have downloaded public domain images of the two candidate
(mccain-2856310907_b2a3805eec.jpg mccain-2923709244_d047d35668.jpg obama-2906800258_de4635ff9f_o.jpg)
coming from their senatorial web page.

Also, I'd like to include some video clips of the 2 candidates during the campaign to illustrate the point made. I'll have to look for the appropriate clips.