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following #413: Publish test blender video, I'd like to create a new version with spoken commentary + on-screen word animation.

1st, animate the 1st slide of the previous video....



The first slide read...

During the 2008 American Presidential campaign, two world views opposed each other:
One candidate, Obama, wanted to tax more the wealthy in order to finance social programs like Health Care.
The other candidate, McCain, resented this move which he called: "Spreading the wealth".

... which is not accurate.

But since the documentary is now spoken, I can easily add some text and describe more.


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link to wiki.


1st word slides from the right to the centre:


As the 1st word is blurred, a small camera change of angle makes the 2nd words appear in the foreground.

Obama McCain

Thus we have W1 very blurred in the background, and the W2 sharp in the foreground.


I managed to create a still image with a DOF, but now I'm struggling to animate the DOF.
Ideally, I'd like to be able to do something like this:


I've managed to animate the DOF. With that, the first slide is almost complete. I'm keeping this version of the video very simple but nicely animated.
For the next iteration, I'll introduce some video clips inside the animation:
#526: Advanced animation: pictures and video clips.


Title:Animating the 1st slide» Blender animation of script
Related pages:-520: Videos and scripts+548: Script: Profit and Social Justice test video version 0.1., +549: Script: Profit and Social Justice test video (current working version)

The slide by slide script is in version 0.1, but we are now animating the current working version of the script.