Soundtrack for Announcing Overshoot TV

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For the small video Announcing Overshoot TV:

I am using Long Note Three by McLeod, but at 1'04, there is a note too deep that spoil the soundtrack. With 1'02, I may have just enough for the main section of the video.

I am looking for an additional soundtrack for the end credits.
Always by McLeod, I am considering Reaching Out (2007).



'Showdown' for the whole piece could be good, too. A different mood than Long Note Three...
It feels more determined to take action, like a battle cry.


'Serpentine Treck' is a nice, long progression, with a final short chord. It's 1:47, so it could be used if the clip becomes longer.


I have been using 'Long Note Three' so far in my early mixing, but it was meant more for underdialogues. It fits the feeling very well, but it is not satisfactory in some small but inconvenient ways.

'Grave Blow' could be a replacement for it. It's much more heavily instrumented. It sounds good with the pictures.


Woah! I just reviewed my timeline to space things out and more evenly, and the first tune I tried the newly paced timeline was 'Power Restored', and it fits the timeline almost perfectly.
I also like the title: "Power Restored"... to the people.