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Saar might be interested in translating the script in Hebrew, so that we can make a complete remake of the video in Hebrew (written text + commentaries).



Original script is here:


I received the script from Saar.
At the very least, I'll upload the documents that he sent me and post a link here.
But I am also trying to post the Hebrew text on a web page, but I am encountering the same difficulties as Saar... Drupal is supposed to be ready for rtl scripts...


The Hebrew translation is posted here:
I gave up trying to add html. Saar, if you can do it, you may remove the English from that page, and add some html tags where appropriate.

See this issue to see how I did it:
#469: D6: Support Hebrew language
If you have any question, post a follow up there.

To make only a specific block of text display rtl, use this code and the Full HTML input format (trusted users only!):
<div style="direction: rtl;"></div>


Here is the file that Saar sent me (attached).