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The screenplay ( for all major Overshoot TV productions will be published on the web site.

We need to set a standard way to layout and format such screenplays, adapted to the needs of O TV.

The problem is that I am not a screen writer, and have 0 experience in the field to start with. And I don't know how a screenplay is supposed to look like! We'll have to improvise as we go along.

Incidentally, there are some web-based screen-writing software (see: ), but I found none for a GNU/Linux desktop.



It turns out that the web-based software are not software we can install in this site. You must register to their site and write your screenplay there.

I found Celtx which is crossplatform, and available for Linux, too (
I couldn't find it in my kubuntu repositories, though.


Hmmm.... there is a "screenplay submission standard set by the theater and film industries".
It would be interesting to find out more about this standard...