multi-lingual support for the site.

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The site will eventually support many languages: the purpose of the site is to allow people to create / translate / adapt the documentaries for their own country and language.

I am not yet fully decided on how to achieve this. Drupal 6 has enhanced multi-lingual support, but I have not tested it fully, yet.

We could have one single site, with each page being translated into different languages (as D6 allows).
Or we could have one separate site (but still somehow connected) for each language.

Those are two dramatically different options that will have important repercussions on the future growth of the web site. We need to think it through before we commit ourselves to one solution.



Priority:normal» critical

We already have a couple of candidate videos to translate into French, Chinese...
But new users from those countries should not be put off by an interface that is all in English.


Priority:critical» normal