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I am looking for good quotes on the food crisis, for a short video.

Here is what I found already.:
July 9, 2004 Keynote lecture given at Quaker Friends' Conference.

Those of us who’ve been working on environmental issues for many years have been saying for some time that if the environmental trends of recent decades continue, eventually we’ll be in trouble. What was not clear is what form the trouble would take, and when it would come. I now think it’s going to come on the food front, in the form of rising world food prices, and within the next few years.

In each of the last four years, world grain production has fallen short of consumption. We have covered these four years of shortfall—and the last two shortfalls were the largest on record—by drawing down world grain stocks, which are now at the lowest level in 30 years. Now this year it’s clear we’re facing a fifth consecutive grain shortfall. The only thing we don’t know at this point is the size. But the fact that we are facing another shortfall means that at the end of this year world grain stocks will drop to the lowest level on record. The last time grain stocks were this low, 1972–74, world wheat and rice prices doubled. Apart from soil erosion and desertification—about which I could say much, were there more time—there are two relatively new environmental reasons for the shortfall and the resulting decline in stocks and food security: falling water tables, and rising temperatures.


I think the wake-up call is going to come in the form of rising food prices. The event that I expect will trigger this dramatic rise in food prices will be when China comes into the world market for massive quantities of grain.




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I think the first quote above can be the introduction to the video. We also have an audio recording, so we can use it + a slide.


We can end with this extensive quote:

"Food security will deteriorate further unless leading countries can collectively mobilize to stabilize population, restrict the use of grain to produce automotive fuel, stabilize climate, stabilize water tables and aquifers, protect cropland, and conserve soils. Stabilizing population is not simply a matter of providing reproductive health care and family planning services. It requires a worldwide effort to eradicate poverty. Eliminating water shortages depends on a global attempt to raise water productivity similar to the effort launched a half-century ago to raise land productivity, an initiative that has nearly tripled the world grain yield per hectare. None of these goals can be achieved quickly, but progress toward all is essential to restoring a semblance of food security." — Lester Brown


"Water scarcity may be the most underrated resource issue the world is facing today".
World Policy Institute