Hi from Frank

I ran across overshoot.tv when I searched on "overshoot" in YouTube and watched the "Announcing Overshoot TV" video. I want to make progressive videos but know zip about the subject, and therefore signed up.
My interest in overshoot is conceptual rather than activist. I've spent a good chunk of my life thinking about our ecological problems and their economic basis, and have written a book on the subject. For details, see my website: NeedsAndLimits.org.
Coincidentally, I just finished updating the annotated bibliography for my book by adding notes on William Catton's 1980 book, "Overshoot: The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change." If you haven't read this, it's well worth getting. I've spoken to the author (a retired professor in Washington State) and suggest that a video be made of an interview with him. In fact, this should probably be a major part of the Overshoot video project that has already begun.
(If you don't want to read Catton's book, feel free to ask for my quotes and annotations. I'll email these to you on request.) My email address: frank_rotering at yahoo.com



Hi Frank,

I am very happy to have you on board. The subject matter of your book is precisely the same as in this site. I am really looking forward to a fruitful cooperation between us for the common good of our society.

I am glad that my short video introducing this project achieved its intended purpose :)

Your idea for an interview is a good one. I always thought that at some stage we'd need to get experts on tape for possible inclusion in our documentaries. I just didn't have any specific name in mind. We now have TWO people to interview: beside Catton, we can have an interview of yourself, too. Given the book you have written, you certainly qualify as an expert :)
I have file a feature request in the issue tracker: http://overshoot.tv/node/77

Also, I have taken the time to create two new wiki pages answering some questions you asked me by mail:
How does a wiki work for videos?
Editorial line
Those are wiki pages, so feel free to edit them to correct grammar, spelling mistakes, to improve the wording, etc.
If it's still not clear, you can file a bug in the bug tracker (http://overshoot.tv/project/issues/overshoot_tv)

Our first video project together

I just published a new blog entry, calling for the adoption of a time-based release system for our videos. See the details here:

Let's try to produce a first, short video together, due to be released mid July, i.e. one month from now. It doesn't have to be very long: 1~5 minutes would be fine. I leave you chose the topic of the video.

Here are some ideas:
* It can be an interview of yourself (provided you know someone who has a video camera and who could help you with this).
* It can be an overview of the content of your book.
* I had started something about the food crisis. Maybe we can finish it together.
* It can be a more complete introduction of the whole Overshoot TV project (in order to build up the community).
* It can be a self-standing introduction to the whole concept of overshoot.
* It can be a simple call for action, on a single topic.
* It can be a single, small section of the main documentary, Overshoot (i.e. the first stepping block to actually create the documentary).
* etc.

You only need to put as much time as you wish and as you have available into this project. I will at least match what you can provide with my
own time. Let's calibrate our first production according to what we can actually achieve. I'll see if Dan Chay is willing to give us a hand, and maybe Mose, too (both are interested and interesting members of this site).

You chose the topic, and we can create a small project within the larger project so that we have something to show by next month. :)

What do you think?

Blessings to you.

First video: introduction to overshoot

Hi Augustin:

I agree with the time-based approach and think we can put something together by next month. The 2nd edition of my book is undergoing manuscript review, so I currently have some time.

My preference is to do an introduction to overshoot. The Don Chay video focuses on exponential growth and just mentions overshoot and carrying capacity. The logical next step is to discuss the meaning and significance of these concepts. Following are some of the topics that might be discussed:

o Carrying capacity as a purely ecological concept - that is, as it applies to non-human species.
o The argument that carrying capacity does not apply to the human species.
o The counter-argument (ours) that it does apply, with appropriate modifications.
o The ecological footprint measure and its relevance for human carrying capacity and overshoot.
o Peak oil and its relevance for human carrying capacity and overshoot.
o The concepts of William Catton re. human carrying capacity and overshoot.
o A variation on Don's question: Are humans WISER than yeast?

Professionally I've been a software instructor for HP for many years, so my instinct in creating a video is to get a white board, point a camera at me and the board, and start talking while I draw graphs and such for illustration. That might work, although it's not the most professional approach. Another way is the interview method: my wife could interview me and I could address the above topics. A third way is for me to storyboard the video using PowerPoint. Then you and others could turn it into a video using the tools at your disposal. You undoubtedly have further ideas.

A big mystery to me is the camera equipment needed to produce a video. Will a normal digital camera that has a video option do the trick? Is a camcorder required for decent quality? I'm willing to spend some money, but I need advice about what to get. Any help would be appreciated.

By the way, Don Chay's question ("Are humans smarter than yeast?") has been asked on video by an outstanding representative of the peak oil movement, Richard Heinberg. Search on "ECU #582" in YouTube to find it. This video is instructive for our purposes, I believe.

- Frank

new project set up

2nd edition already? Congratulation. Let me know when it comes out: I'll order a copy.

Quickly for now, because I'm in a hurry, but I'll comment more later.

I spend many hours completing the documentation wiki-side, adding and fine-tuning some new functionality to the web site (subscriptions), setting up our new project, etc.

Here is a new wiki page explaining how the site is organized:

This is our new project home page:
I've made you the project owner, so you can edit that page.
You'll need to keep track of the project's own issue tracker. I have already created a couple of issues and commented on your proposal and questions.

More later.

getting to know each other...


I had a class, so I didn't finish earlier. I just spend yet another hour retroactively configuring subscriptions for past content, so this should help with communication. Also, I across the Pacific Ocean from you, so we are not on the site at the same time.

It's nice that you give a little bit more of background about you. It helps me understand better what we can achieve together.

In a way, I am an unlikely person to host this web site. I had no experience with video editing. I don't even own a video camera (only a very nice Nikon digital camera). And beside being a grassroots activist, I am not an expert on the topic of Overshoot. Also, I speak English with a strong French accent, so I didn't want to be the one speaking in front of the camera for an English-language documentary :) (videos in French and Chinese are planned for the near future).

I bring in some other skills, however: I have very strong organizational skills; I have knowledge is web site building. I am a fairly experienced non-professional developer. And I am not totally deprived of an artistic sense, and I'll hope it'll show in my video editing :)
And I am a very committed grassroots activist.

I am very happy to have you: you precisely make up for my weaknesses which were critical for this project.

I found the video you mentioned:

I have seen Richard Heinberg in some other video (related to Peak Oil, too).
It's interesting that he also uses the human vs. Yeast comparison. I am curious about the origin of this. I filed an issue here:
See also this one, about the 29th day:

Blessings to you and your wife.

Interview with William Catton

Hi Augustin:

Yes, it's good to find out a little about each other. I did some snooping around on the Web and saw your websites (very nice - help me with mine?) and your deep involvement with the Drupal product. A little more about me: I'm 59 and live near Vancouver, Canada. I was born in Holland and still speak Dutch (poorly). My French isn't bad, and gets better as I consume more wine. I have three daughters, all of whom live in Toronto. I'm a vegetarian (plus fish). My wife Patricia works for the Neil Squire Society, helping disabled people use computers. We have a dog named Misty and a cat named Phoebe.

Bulletin: I just spoke with William Catton and he agreed to be interviewed next month on camera. This means I have to get a camera quickly and learn how to use it. Again, any help on this would be greatly appreciated. It also means that our first video will probably be an interview with me about overshoot basics. That way Patricia and I can get familiar with the interview format.

- Frank

Have you checked the new project?


Have you checked the project issues? I already answered some of your questions in various issues within the project for our new video. Check the links above (http://overshoot.tv/node/76#comment-73 ). I am awaiting for your replies there. The best would be if you could subscribe to all issues related to the project (see link at the top of the list of issues).

Back to personal matters:

I am willing to help you with your site. It really depends what you exactly desire. You can emails me the details of what you want.

I'm 37, French, living in Taiwan with my Taiwanese wife Cho. We have 4 cats named Bonbon, Monsieur, Dimanche and Tien-Ren :)
We teach English in our small evening school.