Time based video releases

As explained in the wiki, this site is innovative in the way that it uses the same way method to create videos as the Free Libre Open Source software movement uses for software creation.

One strategy commonly used for software development is the Waterfall model, which is a form of feature-based release system. In other words, the development team first agrees on a feature set, or a list of requirements, and then works its way to designing and implementing those features. The software is then released when ready, after which the next cycle begins with a new set of features being targeted for the following release.

Another approach to software release management is Time boxing. Instead of starting from a list of features to be implemented, the team agrees on a specific time at which the software should imperatively be released. The team then agrees on the number of features that can reasonably be implemented during that time frame. Any feature that does not make the deadline is pushed to another time box. Notable software like KDE is using timeboxes.

A feature-based release schedule wouldn't work for Overshoot TV. It's easy to say: let's create a feature-length high quality documentary on the topic of overshoot. But then, actually doing it would take years especially if the community to work on it has not been build yet. Besides, building the community would require releasing videos so as to get some exposure and attract new committed members.

As a matter of fact, I used a timebox release system for my first video, announcing this project. I absolutely wanted to symbolically release the first video on Earth Day. The script I first had in mind was for a 3~5 minute video, which would have explained more about was overshoot is and about the whole Overshoot TV project. However I had underestimated the amount of time necessary to learn how to use the software (I had no experience whatsoever in video making to start with), the time spent searching for suitable pictures (with a suitable license) for inclusion in the video, etc.

As the deadline approached, the 3~5 minute project shrunk to a 1 minute video designed like an advertising for the new web site. And it turned out just fine as it is. It obviously achieved what is was intended to achieve :)

It is now imperative to build up the community, so that more people can share the work load, and so that together we can achieve more. One way to achieve this is precisely by releasing more videos so that we can share them on various social networking web sites. Besides, the ecological problems caused by overshooting are a pressing matter and the quicker we can do our share to call for action, the better.

Therefore, I suggest that we adopt the timeboxing software development model: let's try to release one video every month. It can be as short as need to be, given our limited human resources, but this way we'd contribute something interesting to video sharing web sites like youtube, and we'd be promoting Oveshoot TV at the same time, attracting new contributors to our project.

It's now mid June. Let's see what we can achieve until mid July.