Overshoot.tv set up.


I just completed a vary basic set up of the web site http://overshoot.tv/ . Many more things need to be configured and features added.

The web site's content is articulated around three types of content:

  • A wiki which will be used to document all the site's activities, and to organize all the information needed for the production of our videos and documentaries.
  • A bug tracker, to keep track of everything that remains to be done and improved to improve and complete our various projects.
  • A blog for each member, so that they have their own private space to share their own thoughts and ideas. Blogs will be the most convivial space of the web site, where people can chat together on various interesting topics.


of like mind

Hey, interesting site. It looks like we have related projects going on. I'm interested in the intersection of wikis and documentaries. Good luck building your community - it's been pretty slow going for me so far.

The idea was ripe.

Hi Mike!

Thanks for posting.

I had guessed a long time ago that the idea of wiki + documentary was a ripe one, waiting to be born. I am not surprised to see someone with a similar idea. Thanks for the link. A link back to this site would be appreciated, too.

The difference between the two projects is obviously the subject matter of the documentaries. If you are interested in any progressive idea and if you'd like to contribute even a little to this documentary, let me know what your specific interests are.

bloggin it

my blog doesn't have much reach yet, but i'd definitely like to give a shout out to your site. i've been looking for sites exploring these ideas and they are few and far between...probably just a matter of time, though.