Celebrating Earth Day: announcing Overshoot TV

I absolutely wanted to upload my very first video production on Earth Day (i.e. today).

It is the very first video I have ever made, so don't expect too much. But I am still quite happy on how it turned out. It is very short, and it runs like a 1 minute ad announcing the creation of Overshoot TV.

The chosen pictures are symbolic on different levels. Also, I very much like the highly appropriate symbolism in the title of the music: "Restoring Power".

See the full credits for this video (with links to original content).


great first shoot, dude

Hey that intro is quite nice, you seems to get kdenlive knowledge fast ! :)
I guess that will lead us to more production very soon. Congrats for that work, augustin.


Welcome back to Taiwan! I have missed you. :)

Thanks for the encouragement.

As you can see from the issue queue, a lot remains to be done...