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Preventing teenagers from picking up smoking

Yesterday, I think I have successfully convinced a teenager who had started "casual' and "occasional" smoking with her peers to quit this very bad habit right now when the addictive effects have not yet completely kicked in.

Blender tutorials: please favor using menus to using keyboard shortcuts

The Blender community is so great that many new interesting tutorials are constantly posted a bit everywhere.

The quality of the tutorials vary. Some are well done and very useful for their target public. However, I have one piece of constructive criticism that applies to just about every text/video tutorial out there: it would be much more user friendly to use menus rather than keyboard shortcuts.

10 tips to properly learn Blender

This blog post is only a public draft. I'll be completing it over time...

Blender is a very versatile tool that can be used for 2D and 3D animations, 2D still images, video editing, video special effects, etc. It can be used for very simple amateur projects as well as for high end professional looking animation projects.

Here is a collection of tips to allow you to properly learn Blender.