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Overshoot TV is a web site dedicated to creating high-quality videos and documentaries on the topics of exponential growth, carrying capacity, overshoot and collapse, and any other related activists' topic.

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New project: Astral

I have just created a new project within Overshoot TV which combines several of my interests.

The Astral project aims to create short inspiring animation videos using the 3D animation software Blender.

Important links:

Here is a first short animation test:

When words fail...

[Video inside... Click to see full post].
Bill McKibben editor of American Earth: Environmental Writing Since Thoreau and author of The End of Nature has been trying to convey the urgency of climate change to the world. But, sadly, words failed him like they failed countless others like him. He writes:

How do you say: the world you know today, the world you were born into, the world that has remained essentially the same for all of human civilization, that has birthed every play and poem and novel and essay, every painting and photograph, every invention and economy, every spiritual system (and every turn of phrase) is about to be . . . something so different? Somehow “global warming” barely hints at it. The same goes for any of the other locutions, including “climate chaos.” And if we do come up with adequate words in one culture, they won’t necessarily translate into all the other languages whose speakers must collaborate to somehow solve this problem.

Basically, at a time when only soundbites manage to find their way through to the collective consciousness of the masses, they were trying to solve an apparently unsolvable communication problem.

But then, when, to the great dismay of scientists, the Northwest Passage opened amid the great Arctic melt in 2007, James Hanson ("our greatest climatologist") came up with a magic number:

Time based video releases

As explained in the wiki, this site is innovative in the way that it uses the same way method to create videos as the Free Libre Open Source software movement uses for software creation.

Celebrating Earth Day: announcing Overshoot TV

I absolutely wanted to upload my very first video production on Earth Day (i.e. today).

It is the very first video I have ever made, so don't expect too much. But I am still quite happy on how it turned out. It is very short, and it runs like a 1 minute ad announcing the creation of Overshoot TV.

The chosen pictures are symbolic on different levels. Also, I very much like the highly appropriate symbolism in the title of the music: "Restoring Power".

See the full credits for this video (with links to original content).

Are Humans smarter than Yeast?

The following video by Dan Chay from Learning Communities is one of the reasons why I created this web site. In the upcoming Overshoot documentary, I would like to explore a bit further some of the topics raised in this video.

Overshoot.tv set up.


I just completed a vary basic set up of the web site http://overshoot.tv/ . Many more things need to be configured and features added.

The web site's content is articulated around three types of content:

  • A wiki which will be used to document all the site's activities, and to organize all the information needed for the production of our videos and documentaries.
  • A bug tracker, to keep track of everything that remains to be done and improved to improve and complete our various projects.
  • A blog for each member, so that they have their own private space to share their own thoughts and ideas. Blogs will be the most convivial space of the web site, where people can chat together on various interesting topics.

Human Civilization is overshooting the carrying capacity of the planet Earth.

Since 1987, Human Civilization has been overshooting the carrying capacity of the planet Earth. Since then, the overshoot level has been increasing. Soon enough, humanity will be facing the inevitable collapse that is the consequence of the reckless exponential growth of our population and our economy.

Worse still, most of the human race is still unaware of how serious the situation is, or unwilling to do anything about it.

This is the first bug report logged in this site.

To reproduce the bug:

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